2020-2021 World Affairs Seminar

Constructive Engagement for Improving Race Relations

Phase 3: Collective Sharing with Participating High Schools

Recorded Live on Zoom, May 7, 2021 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


  1. Opening remarks and program overview by co-chairs Bill Howard and Richard Anson, Rotary Club of Shepherdstown
  2. Brief summaries by each school offered by a student representative from each school (5 minutes each, addressing two guide questions):
    • What are some notable points the panel members made during Phase 1 that added depth to the discussion held at your school (during Phase 2)?
    • What are some possible initiatives students could engage in to improve race relations in your school and community?
  3. Sharing by Berkeley Springs High School representative on their ongoing initiatives (5 minutes)
  4. Discussion moderated by Ms. Tanya Dallas-Lewis (Diversity Coordinator from Jefferson County School System)
  5. Summary and closing remarks by Dr. Richard Anson


For Phase 4 of this year’s WAS program on enhancing race relations, we encourage each of you to:

  • share the video link with the participating students from your respective high school, and encourage them to take time to view the video; since many of the students were not available to participate in the Phase 3 event held on May 7, it is especially important for them to take the time to view the video link;
  • encourage the participating students to take some initiative(s) during this summer (and onward) to enhance race relations, either on their own, or preferably with another friend, building on the ideas/initiatives shared by the students during the Phase 3 video event; the initiatives already begun by Berkeley Springs High School are good examples, while recognizing the other ideas shared by the students (e.g., community volunteering to serve diverse persons);
  • convene the returning participating students once the fall semester begins, to listen together to the attached video link, to stimulate follow-up engagement by the participating and OTHER students in your school and community; and
  • share with us (by end of December, 2021) some of the follow-up initiatives by the students arising during the summer and fall of 2021.  We will share these initiatives with all of you, as another way to listen, learn and engage constructively to enhance race relations in our schools and communities.

We  have started a news blog for Phase 4 follow-up on this site to share news and information about follow-up initiatives. Your contributions are welcome. Please email you comments to Richard Anson or Bill Howard, co-chairs of this event with your news. Photographs welcome and encouraged.

Disclaimer and Notification

All Zoom conferences held in conjunction with The Rotary Club of Shepherdstown, including the WAS event on May 7, 2021, will be recorded and stored. By your participation in this Zoom conference recorded on May 7, in conjunction with The Rotary Club of Shepherdstown, you explicitly grant your permission for this recording and its use, including audio and video to be used for promotional, educational, or other purposes. Any of the participants may choose to not participate in the audio and video interactions during this event and instead participate solely by using the text chat feature or you may choose not to participate in any way.

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