"Tennis on Wheels" Project in Mozambique

Help empower people with disability in Mozambique.
Support "Tennis on Wheels"

The International Service Committee of the Rotary Club of Shepherdstown is seeking direct financial support towards our "Tennis on Wheels" project.

Coach Teo and his team are volunteering their time and talents to provide this learning and empowering opportunity to people with physical disability, young and old.

Mozambique has a large number of people with disability, many victims of the country’s long civil war. There are numerous organizations which are endeavoring to address these critical needs, but a negligible number offer sporting opportunities and none that provide opportunities in tennis. There are many tangible benefits to those who participate in athletics. In other countries, wheelchair tennis has become an important opportunity for people with disability (e.g., in Africa, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, and other regions/countries).

Rotarian Dr. Richard Anson, an avid tennis player who travels frequently to Mozambique, has helped Tennis Coach Stelio Carlos (“Teo”) initiate “wheelchair tennis” in mid-2019. In 2019, Teo was the first black African selected as a Wimbledon umpire. 

The Rotary Clubs of Shepherdstown and Maputo/Polana, Mozambique have contributed initial financial support of $1,500 to fund the retrofitting of 6 donated wheelchairs, and some basic tennis equipment.

We are asking for your financial support to continue this important project. Your contribution with help retrofit additional wheel chairs and provide much needed tennis equipment including racquets, balls, and nets.
The attached video is from the Mozambican national TV station for the benefit of deaf persons to inform them about the wheelchair tennis project. The video clip is about 4 minutes long, and Coach Teo can be heard at about minute 2. Various participants shared brief personal testimony about their joy and satisfaction in being able to participate in wheelchair tennis.
Also interviewed is the trainer for participants for the upcoming Special Olympics (for persons with disabilities in Africa, and will include some of the participants in the Rotary-supported Tennis on Wheels Project).

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The Rotary Club of Shepherdstown initiated support for the Tennis on Wheels Project in mid-2019, located in Maputo, Mozambique.  Phase 2 support has taken place since early 2022.  Coach Stelio

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