Avenues of Service

Five Avenues of Rotary Service

We channel our commitment to service through five Avenues of Service which are the foundation of club activity:

Club Service typically focuses on internal events that benefit all members of the club to promote social interaction and membership familiarity. Some examples of events organized by Club Services are the Contemporary American Theater Festival Night and dinner, movie night, and the decoration of McMurran Hall and the town holiday tree.

Community Service is exactly what the name implies — those projects and activities the club undertakes to improve the quality of life for the local community. These include events such as the 4th of July Parade/Picnic, and environmental projects including Adopt-A-Highway, tree planting at Morgan’s Grove Park, and the Potomac River cleanup effort.

International Service volunteers work to expand the Rotarians’ humanitarian work around the world. This important service promotes understanding and peace, sponsors projects in other countries, and works with international partners to support projects in their communities.

Vocational Service major goals are to promote excellence and the highest ethical standards in all occupations, to recognize the worthiness of all useful occupations, and to use members’ vocational skills to benefit the community.

Youth Service works to engage youth and young adults in leadership roles. Sample volunteer support roles include young adult career counseling, mock interviews, science fair judging, and promotion of Interact and Rotaract clubs at both the high school and collegiate levels, respectively.

Areas of Focus

Five areas of Focus

35 Years of Projects

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