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The Club Service Committee provides leadership in programs, assistance, aid, and well-being to individual members so that they collectively help the Rotary Club of Shepherdstown function effectively.  The Club Service Committee also serves as the Club Membership Committee.  Club Service efforts focus on three elements:  Communications, Membership, and Social Activities.


Club History

The Rotary Club of Shepherdstown was chartered by Rotary International on April 24, 1987.  The Martinsburg Rotary Club, the past Dstrict Governor, Daniel Fleming of the Hancock Club, and the then current District Governor, Dick Young of the Williamsport Club, sponsored our charter.  Our first Board of Directors included:  Lee Morgan, President; Erwin Asam, Vice President; Meade Dorsey, Secretary;  Wade Banks, Treasurer; Arch Hoxton, Sergeant at Arms;  Bill Knode, Club Service;  Jim Price, Vocational Service;  Howard Carper,  Community Service; and Jim Davis, International Service.  The Club was chartered with 28 members.


Current Projects:

  • Communicating with Club members, by writing and publishing the Rotary Router, the weekly Club newsletter available in hard copy and online.  We also remain alert to the communication needs of members who are bereaved, place bound, or in personal hardship.
  • Evaluating the credentials of persons proposed for membership, and recommending membership actions to the Board of Directors.  We assist in educating new members about the Club after their election.
  • Developing social gatherings or functions wherein Rotarians and their families network, become better acquainted, and discover mutual interests and service opportunities.

Service Goals and Objectives:    According to the Rotary Manual of Procedure, “Club Service” is Rotary’s first avenue of service.  The goals of the Club Service Committee are to foster internal communications within the Club, efficiently evaluate and advise the Board about persons proposed for membership, educate new members about Club culture, and encourage new members to participate in Community, Vocational, International and Club service opportunities.


Responsibilities of Club Membership:

The principal responsibilities of membership in the Rotary Club of Shepherdstown are:

  1. Attendance at regular Club meetings.
  • The Club goal is that each member attends 80% of the regular weekly meetings.
  • If you can’t attend a regular meeting, do a makeup.  See the schedule of area meetings in the Rotary Router.
  • Participation in sanctioned Rotary activities, such as Highway Cleanup, Day of Caring, Dictionary Distribution, and Christmas Parade will substitute for a missed regular meeting.
  • If you will be away from the area for an extended period of time, apply for a Leave of Absence from the Club Secretary.
  1. Participation in the Club.
  • Join one of the four service committees [Club, International, Community, and Vocational] and contribute to committee meetings during Club Assembly.
  • Participate in Rotary Club Service Projects such as the Potato Project and World Affairs Seminar, and attend Club Social Functions such as the Charity Ball and Wine Tasting Event.
  • Become a leader of a committee, a coordinator of an event, or a board member or officer.
  • Open your home to an exchange student or a participant in Group Study Exchange.
  • Recognize your fellow Rotary Club members for their extraordinary accomplishments.
  • Step up to the plate – relieve an exhausted Rotary Club member.
  1. Be a Good Ambassador for Rotary.
  • In your daily life, exemplify the Rotary motto, “Service Above Self”, and apply the Four Way Test to your words and deeds.
  • Meet your financial obligations to the Club by timely payment of dues.
  • Contribute to the care or improvement of those less fortunate than yourself with gifts to the Shepherdstown Rotary Club Charitable Fund.
  • Provide Club leaders with your ideas for new or improved service projects, ideas for weekly programs, and ideas to foster enthusiasm for Rotary.
  • From among those leaders you meet in your professional and personal life, solicit their interest in Rotary and propose them for membership.


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